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Air Tuggers

Leedem’s CJQ series air tuggers are capable of carrying loads from 1,000kg to 10,000kg in weight, featuring single-brake and double-brake mechanism. The CJQ air tuggers are of single-drum, manually operated, driven by piston-type pneumatic motor via a two-stage gear speed reducer.


Features and Benefits

Air Tugger brochure v3.pdfDownload Product BrochureCJQ 10/24 1000 kg Capacity, 24m/minCJQ 20/24 2000 kg Capacity, 24m/minCJQ 30/24 3000 kg Capacity, 24m/minCJQ 50/12 5000kg Capacity, 12m/minCJQ 100/12 10000 kg Capacity, 12m/min

CJQ 30/24 and CJQ 50/12 double-brake air tuggers are best applications for hauling, lifting and other work in mines, construction engineering sites, platforms of oilfields off-sea and inland, etc.