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Muckers & Cactus Crabs Mucker.png Enlarged Structure Drawing

Tikuaw Shaft Central Rotation Mucker is mounted on the galloway when used. It can rotated 3600 and the arm can go up and down with grab bucket of 0.4 or 0.6 M3 capacity.

All power comes from compressed air. Air motors and air cylinders and hydraulic cylinders are used to carry out every movement. Power for the hydraulic cylinders also come from compressed air.

The grab is made of abrasion resistant steel and last a long time. All parts and structure of machine are made strong and robust to withstand the working environment in mines and construction sites.

The cactus grab can also be used together with hoists and winders, it has a wide application in mine shafts, harbor, railway and hydro construction sites.

Arm system.jpg.png Enlarged Arm System Drawing

Leedem offers cactus grabs in two grab bucket capacities: 0.4 m² and 0.6 m².

Below are their specifications: