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Vacuum Drum Filters

Leedem’s Rotary vacuum drum filters offer great flexibilities in meeting the needs of different industry applications that require the separation of liquids from solids. Our equipment can be applied in mineral processing, food industry, paper industrial, and pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

Specifications (All data below may be changed based on clients’ needs and customized design.)

FE Vacuum Drum Filter

- used in mineral processing and other heavy material filtering applications



Besides the FE vacuum drum filter, there are a host of other types of filters for different applications as listed below. Detail of these filters is available on the brochure.


ANQI Precoat Filter

- used in pharmaceutical, food, sugar refining and chemical industries. Pre-coat filter is developed by pre-coating a layer of diatomaceous earth or perlite to the filter cloth. It is a highly efficient and precise solid & liquid separation equipment.


ANQI Pleated Belt Vacuum Drum Filter

- used in pharmaceutical, mineral, protein and starch filtering. Pleated belt vacuum drum filter is filter cloth running style solid/filtrate separation equipment. Special design makes it suitable for thickening and dehydration for solid/filtrate of lower density, fine particles and high viscosity.


ANQI WGD Vacuum Drum Filter

- used in salt exclusion and causticizing process.


ANQI JM Yeast Vacuum Filter

- Yeast vacuum filter has almost the same working principle as an ordinary vacuum drum filter, the main difference is that the drum has no cells, filter chamber has no divisions.


ANQI DLX Vacuum Starch Filter


ANQI BT Titanium Dioxide Powder Vacuum Filter