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Leedem Main Hoists TS Series

- For Small Underground Mine Operations and Mining/Shaft Sinking Contractors

TS SERIES is driven by an electric motor with a speed reducer which connects the motor to the drum. Both hydraulic and electric braking systems are applied to the hoists to provide a safe operation. The hydraulic system is duo-motor powered - one is working while the other one is standby. They automatically replace each other while the other one is failing.

The depth indicator links the drum to the central control desk. It also provides protection to the hoist through sensors and limit switches. More than ten safety measures are embedded in the control system of all hoists, forming a safe and reliable operation system.

The centralized control system includes VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) cabinet, PLC cabinet and power cabinet. The operator at the central operation desk can monitor and has full control on the equipment through the control terminal handles and touch screen

A 2.0M x 1.5M main hoist is being installed at a New Zealand  shaft sinking site

TITAN Series Mine Hoist Specifications (Single or Double Drums)

Hoist Components

Hoist sheaves

Hydraulic disc brake

Drum liner