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Shaft Sinking Winders

Leedem offers two types of shaft sinking winders (stage winders) - SW and 2SW for single drum and double drum shaft sinking winders. Both types have maximum load capacity of 5, 10, 16, 25, and 40 tons models available.

They are made for hanging and moving galloways, cactus grabs, concrete forms, pumps, water and air pipes, vent tubing during shaft sinking process or other heavy-duty lifting applications above ground. They are widely used in coal mines, metal and non-metal mines.

Features and Benefits

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16 Ton winder installed at a New Zealand shaft sinking site, equipped with hydraulic disc brakes

Heavy duty 40-ton stage winder

Double dram shaft sinking winder

Parts and Options

A Customized Central Control Panel for a group of winders. Each winder has its separate control cabinet and is also connected to the central panel for a centralized control. Operators have options of controlling winders via the central or individual control panels. This centralization brings convenience and easiness to operators for coordinating and synchronizing winders when needed

5 Ton, 10 Ton, 16 Ton and 25 Ton models can be equipped with hydraulic band brakes or hydraulic disc brakes