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Ventilation Fans

Leedem offers four key series of underground mine fans for both main and local ventilation. They can be widely used in coal mines, metal mines, chemical mines, and tunnels. There is a broad range of product selections depending on the required air flow capacity, speed, power, pressure, efficiency, etc.. The table to the left provides a general guide to pick the right series to suit your needs.

These fans share many key benefits:

Aeroflow DM brochure.pdf

The Aeroflow DM-E contra-rotating axial fan is a high efficiency mine main fan specially designed for median or large coal mines. It can also be used in metal and chemical mines.

This series has 32 sizes across 42 models (refer to Table 1 and Table 2). The main components comprise of the collector, first fan set, second fan set, diffuser, and diffuser tower, as shown in the figure below.

The Aeroflow DM-E ranges from 2x11kW to 2x2,000kW, with low noise levels. It combines proven technology of high efficiency impeller design and dual contra-rotating configuration to provide optimal performance for continuous mining ventilation.

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Aeroflow DM-E / DM Main Fan

Aeroflow S Series Fan

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Aeroflow S Series is an efficient and reliable mine fan with robust design that can be used in many types of mines, including metal, chemical, building material, nuclear, and other non-coal mines. It can be used as  a main fan or a local one, with the flexibility of installing on surface or underground. It is very suitable for mines that require large volume airflow. Besides underground mines, it is also used in tunnels and other places.

Aeroflow DL-E / DL Series Local Fan

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The Aeroflow DL-E series is a contra-rotating axial local fan. It has diverse applications for modern local ventilation. It has the benefits of a compact structure, low noise level, high pressure, high efficiency, and stable running condition in a small air flow area.

Based on the length of tunnels and ventilation requirements, this fan can be used in a multi-stage configuration by joining up to four motors and impellers together to increase air pressure.

It is an ideal choice for medium and long distance local ventilation for underground mine and tunnel construction.

Aeroflow DL, DL3, and DL4 are the non-explosion-proof versions.

Aeroflow DL-E / DL Series Local Fan

The intelligent local ventilation system is a closed-loop control system, based on data supplied by sensors installed at key underground locations and sub vent stations. These sensors collect data on gas density, airflow speed, temperature, and dust level. The central computer analyzes the data and determines the optimal airflow rate at different work areas and underground drifts. The system will then use PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and VFDs (variable frequency drives) to control all local fans’ speed as well as vent doors and windows. Both local fan control and a central computer console are available for ease of system management.

Aeroflow SL-E / SL Series Local Fan

The Aeroflow SL can be used in metal, coal, and chemical mines, as well as tunnel construction. The temperature of the transport medium should be between -15°C - 40°C, less than 90% in humidity, and non-corrosive.

The SL is an axial fan, consisting of five main components: a collector, electric motor, barrel body, impeller, and a diffuser. The motor is directly connected to the impeller to provide reliable transmission of high efficiency and low maintenance.

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