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Project Profiles

Leedem has consulted on, planned, and executed many mining projects in the past two decades. We always strive to understand our customers’ needs in depth and provide the best and most cost effective engineering solutions to help our customers win projects and deliver on time.

Leedem sources only the highest grade products from the most reliable manufacturers and closely monitors their production processes – from parts manufacturing, assembling, and testing to final shipping. Whether your project is large or small, we pay attention to every detail to ensure success.

Below, we highlight just a few of our recent projects in order to give you a better understanding of the wealth of knowledge and experience that you can access through Leedem.

Australian construction company McConnell Dowell (also known as MacDow) was contracted to build a waterway for the Ambuklao Dam project in the Phillipines. Required to meet local water demand, the project was divided into two phases, which involved building a 250 m deep, 6 m diameter vertical shaft and a 5 m in diameter and 200 m long tunnel.

The shaft structure and all equipment were required to be mounted on a very narrow strip of land next to a lake. Due to this constraint, equipment such as the main hoist and winches had to be built on one side of the headframe, creating imbalances in the structure. MacDow was also working against a very tight timeline.

In a contested bid process, Leedem submitted a technical proposal at a competitive cost. Our structure mechanics design overcame the imbalance issue and supplied a stable and strong structure. Despite that much of the equipment required customized design and manufacturing to achieve this, we were able to ship out all equipment and materials from the factory within 3 months of the PO date.

Throughout both phases of the project, Leedem customized and supplied the entire shaft sinking structure and equipment, including:

Leedem was on-site to provide technical installation guidance, commissioning, and training to the client’s employees to ensure that they can safely and efficiently operate the equipment on their own. MacDow successfully finished the entire project within 2 years. The equipment has since been moved to New Zealand for another shaft project.

MacDow was very happy with the equipment and services provided by Leedem, which enabled them to significantly reduce their costs and successfully achieve their project goals despite the compressed timeline. MacDow’s Ambuklao Project Manager commented that “the concrete lining of the tunnel went very well and [we are] very happy with the finished product.”

Ambuklao Dam, Phillipines

Drill Tech provides tunneling and shaft construction services as part of their core business. In 2012, they were hired to complete a 910-feet vertical shaft for an oil project in Wyoming, USA. For this project, Leedem provided two 25 MT hydraulic winders and cables, thanks to a very cost conscious bid for high quality equipment.


Understanding the narrow time window for manufacturing to Drill Tech’s specifications, shipping, and on-site installation, we made it our priority to closely monitor the manufacturing progress and send out interim reports to keep the customer informed.


The winders were not only delivered on time, but more than met performance expectations and left a wholly and distinctly positive impression with Drill Tech. As noted by the shaft construction manager, “the only piece of equipment on this project that operated flawlessly were the winches that we purchased from Leedem Mine Services. All other equipment had multiple breakdowns and failures, but [Leedem’s] winches did exactly what was asked of them every time. Please count on Drill Tech Drilling and Shoring to be an endorsement for anyone looking to purchase this type of equipment from Leedem in the future.

Drill Tech, Wyoming, USA Two Leedem SW winders working at a shaft sinking project site in Wyoming, USA

The Oyu Tolgoi Mine in the South Gobi region of Mongolia is one of the world’s largest new copper-gold projects. The project is owned and operated by Rio Tinto in cooperation with the Government of Mongolia, and is the largest financial undertaking in Mongolia’s history.

Oyu Tolgoi, Mongolia

Since 2009, Leedem has been a long term supplier on a wide range of equipment, including air tuggers, substations, pumps, underground ventilation fans, cables and other miscellaneous equipment. As of 2013, Oyu Tolgoi produced approximately 290,000 tonnes of concentrate. The mine produced 76,700 tonnes of copper in concentrates.